Apothecary Consulting can legitimately appear as your PCQI (Preventative Controls Qualified Individual) on your Food Safety Plan. FDA certified, Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) compliant.


Since all food production facilities are different and Food Safety Programs are live programs, there are a variety of ways Apothecary Consulting can help your business; Assistance, Special Projects, or Full Service.  I can assist a team maintaining existing programs, complete special projects such as preparation for Third Party Audits, or offer a full service development of Food Safety Programs from start to finish.

Some examples include the following…

Assistance with existing programs:

  • Food Safety Plan annual review and improvement
  • Preventative Control Programs and Prerequisite Programs
  • Third Party Audit preparation and presence with your team during inspection and audit
  • Maintenance of monitoring programs at prescribed intervals such as Equipment Calibration, Pest Control, Self Inspections, Internal Audits, Environmental Monitoring, Cleaning Program, or Recall and Traceability Programs

Special Projects:

  • Write and implement a HACCP and HARPC based Food Safety Plan for your facility if you don’t have one or for review
  • Write and implement all necessary or required Preventative Control Programs or Prerequisite Programs such as Receiving Program, Storage Practices, Workspace Practices, Foreign Material Control, Temperature Control, GMPs, Microbial Control Program, Allergen Control Program, Cleaning Program, Approved Supplier Program, Specifications Program, and more
  • Establish Monitoring procedures
  • Preparation for and participation in AIB, NSF, FDA, CDPH, Costco, and other Third Party Audits

Full Service Program Development, a Food Safety Program from start to finish:

  • Assessment of your facility to determine attainable needs2C16513E-0E1C-410B-8B2B-09AA061EA277
  • Develop written programs with input from your organization
  • Implementation of systems
  • Establish appropriate documentation and record keeping procedures
  • Train staff in policies and procedures and increase awareness
  • Provide ongoing support and new food safety developments as they emerge and evolve
  • Source professional training, sanitation, pest control, micro biologists, laboratories, engineers, and even payroll specialists
  • Development of green business programs and certificationservserv

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