sanfranciscoHello and welcome! My name is Dan, I am Professional Food Safety Consultant.  I work in facilities around the San Francisco Bay Area and California State helping develop and maintain reasonable and attainable Food Safety Programs.  I would love to visit your facility for an Initial Consultation and develop a proposal for you.  That “Initial Consultation” could be a monthly Internal Audit of Programs or Self Inspection that you could document to satisfy requirements!

My focus is on small to mid-size food production facilities. All food production facilities are required to be in compliance with local, state, and federal standards, but not all facilities have the resources to hire a full time Food Safety or Quality Assurance Manager.  For these  facilities, it is more cost effective to enlist a consultant for a few hours a week than it is to employ a full time Food Safety or Quality Assurance Manager.

Work can be accomplished onsite, remotely, or usually a combination of both.  My rates are reasonable and there are no travel or meal expenses for local work within 50 to 60 miles.  Sometimes I work independently with a Business Owner or Manager, other times I am working with an established Food Safety Team.  There are different needs and levels of service which can be accommodated.

Qualifications:  FDA certified Preventative Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI) with over 25 years experience in the food industry, over 15 years experience in Food Safety Programs, and extensive classroom training.

Strengths are in Artisan Food, Bakery, Snacks, Cereal, and Coffee Roasting.  Until recently, Coffee Roasters were not really included in requirements, but since FSMA, Coffee Roasters are required to have a Food Safety Program.coffee1

Other areas of work include Retail, Commissary Kitchens (individual Food Safety Plans for each producer in the kitchen), and the Cottage Food Industry.

Medical Cannabis, Recreational Cannabis, Medical Marijuana, Recreational Marijuana, and especially producers of edibles are also required to produce food for human consumption in a safe manner according to regulation.  You are not exempt and I can help you get your Cannabis Safety Programs set up.

Purpose: To bring the knowledge and expertise that facilitates the development of an attainable and functioning food safety plan in your facility, incorporating your quality programs and driving continuous improvement increasing safety, efficiency, and profitability.

Objective: A food safety program is a documented plan to prevent hazards with food before they occur rather than reacting to problems after they occur. For most food production businesses a food safety plan is a legislative requirement. A well-developed food safety program will meet legislative requirements and give you confidence that all risks are addressed. Food safety programs lead to reduction in waste, improvements in productivity, greater consistency, and continuous improvement.


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